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  • 12/08/2016 01:04 PM

    Endangered gopher tortoise found covered in blue paint

    An endangered gopher tortoise is feeling a little less blue after Florida Fish and Wildlife officers were able to capture it and remove the paint that covered its entire body. FWC officers were called to a residential property in Martin County in reference to an injured tortoise, and when they arrived, they found the reptile painted blue. Tortoises absorb vitamins from the sun's UV rays through their shells, so having paint or anything else on their shells can inhibit their ability to do that. Additionally, paint can cause respiratory problems and harmful chemicals can be absorbed into the animal's bloodstream, FWC said. It's difficult to remove paint without harming the tortoise, but officials at an animal rehabilitation facility were able to do it and release the tortoise back to its burrow. FWC urged anyone who sees a painted tortoise or any other vandalized wildlife to contact the Wildlife Alert Hotline at 888-404-FWCC.
  • 12/08/2016 01:03 PM

    Two men arrested for pointing gun-shaped lasers at patrol car, deputies say

    Two men were arrested Tuesday for pointing revolver-shaped laser lighters at Volusia County deputies in their patrol car, according to arrest records.

    Two deputies were driving on Williamson Boulevard from LPGA Boulevard in Daytona Beach when they said they saw a silver Nissan with two passengers pointing a laser at cars, including the marked patrol car, according to the report.

    The deputies followed the vehicle into the Carolina Club Apartments. When the suspects got out of the car, deputies said they saw a gun in 25-year-old Uleseyc O'Neal's hand. The gun turned out to be a lighter that looked like a "small .22-caliber pistol/revolver" with a laser attached, according to the report.

    O'Neal and Terry Howard, 19, ran away on foot and the officers tracked them to their apartment at 108 Carolina Lake Drive, deputies said.

    O'Neal was hiding in the bathroom when deputies arrested him, according to the report.

    One lighter laser was found in the back seat of the Nissan and another in Howard's pocket, deputies said.

    O'Neal is charged with aggravated assault and pointing a laser light at a driver or pilot. He was granted bond of $3,000.

    Howard is charged with pointing a laser light at a driver or pilot and was granted a $1,500 bond.

  • 12/08/2016 01:03 PM

    Nursing students share how they helped in hours, days after Pulse

    A group of Seminole State College nursing students were on their way to a clinical shift at Orlando Regional Medical Center on June 12 when they received a text from their professor about a shooting.

    The shooting, they would later learn, was at the Orlando Pulse nightclub. It was a night Elizabeth Smith, Colin Bailey, Megan Ward, Molly Stoute, and Crystal Clarke trusted their instincts and training.

    "It was a trauma step-down floor. You know, we do get gunshots, you know, ORMC being a Level I trauma center we do see a variety of cases," said Smith.

    "We didn't understand the magnitude of the situation," said Stoute.

    Stoute said as soon as she walked into the hospital, people began congregating in the lobby.

    "I mean there were hundreds of people in that lobby, and some of them were going through things and some of them were there because their friends and family were going through waiting to find out what happened," said Ward.

    The students said their first task was clearing the floor and the intensive care unit to make room for the patients who needed to get into an operating room.

    "We would do an assessment on them, we'd get a report from the nurse and then he starts to wake up and he's asking questions, and so how do you answer those questions? And so the nurses are answering, and then I just remember holding a hand," said Ward. "Even when you go through surgery on a regular day anesthesia is pretty overwhelming, so to not know what happened from A to B overnight, had to be really scary, and he didn't know where his phone was, where his family was, if his friends that he was there with survived. He just remembered gunshots."

    Dozens of surgeries were in progress, and families were waiting for answers.

    "For me the hard part was walking through the hallways and looking at all the friends and family. You could feel their stare just looking at you,; you could tell they wanted answers but you had no answers to give them," said Bailey.

    The students said they stepped up to help in as many ways as they could.

    "Just the little things. 'Would you like some juice? Can I get you a blanket? Wouldyou like a hug,?'" said Ward.
    Smith said she recalled the quote by .Mister Rogers,: In times of disaster, "look for the helpers."

    "I felt like we were really working together, and it wasn't, 'Oh, you're the students and we're the staff,' it was, 'All hands on deck, we've got this together,'" said Smith.

    The students worked together that night, and for weeks after, on the same floor.

    "That was huge, to go back and see them progress, but it was also great when they healed and they were walking out the door," said Ward.

    "You know you were there, you were part of that even if it was just something very minute, I think that we really did make a difference," said Clarke.

  • 12/08/2016 12:42 PM

    Unhappy law firm clients tell News 6 their stories

    A once-popular Orlando law firm is under investigation after clients said they paid thousands of dollars for service and claimed that phone calls and emails were not returned.

    The Kaufman Englett Lynd (KEL) law firm has been rebranded under the new name Lawyer ASAP. The firm is owned by Matt Englett.

    News 6 investigative reporter Eryka Washington spoke to a over a dozen clients who told her that they feel like they were ripped off.

    One of the firm's commercials encouraged people to contact KEL for help with foreclosure or bankruptcy.

    Jerry Reeves told Washington that is why he called the law firm.

    "I've seen them advertise bankruptcy. I said 'OK, these guys looks like they are pretty good,'" Reeves said.

    Reeves paid the firm more than $2,000 to handle a bankruptcy case in February. He said months went by and he received no word on his case.

    "I've been calling them, calling them, getting the runaround," Reeves said.

    Ann Mateo said the same thing happened to her.

    "Phone calls were never returned," Mateo told Washington.

    "It was like a million red flags, and I am just so disappointed that the first time I needed help from an attorney, this is what I received."

    News 6 checked online for reviews, and client after client warned of their experiences.

    The Attorney General's Office has received 35 complaints about KEL and Lawyer ASAP since January 2015.

    The complaints were forwarded to the Florida Bar for review.

    "Florida Bar is investigating complaints against attorney Matthew Shane Englett of Lawyer ASAP LLP for lack of communication with clients," the Florida Bar said in a statement.

    This isn't the first time that the Florida Bar has looked into Englett.

    He received an admonishment in 2010 for violating advertising rules. He was publicly reprimanded in 2014 for violating communication with clients.

    Englett declined a request for an interview but sent a statement that said:

    "Since 2010, our firm has represented over 50,000 clients. The vast majority of them are satisfied clients. You have made us aware of 3 clients that have an issue with our service. One of them, made us aware of her dissatisfaction over a month ago and we issued her full refund even though we can completed a substantial amount of work in her case. The other 2 we have reached out to in order to resolve any issue they may have. These numbers speak for themselves."

    "I'm not speaking about a specific case, but in regard to communication, there is a specific rule that lawyers who are licensed by the Florida Bar have to abide by," said professor Maritza Reyes, who teaches professional responsibility at FAMU law school.

    "When a client calls, you return the phone call or even send a text."

    According to the Florida Bar, the major reason for client complaints is lack of communication.

    "The practice of law has changed, and the demands on the practice of law, including the demands for communication, so now clients can send emails at all times of the day and night. They can call, and I think sometimes it is very overwhelming to attorneys," Reyes said.

    Reeves is still waiting for a $700 refund.

    In a statement Lawyer ASAP addressed the refund Reeves received:

    "I reviewed the file and approved a refund of $700 out of the $1700 he paid us. We sent him a letter a couple days after he requested a refund informing him it takes up to 12 weeks to process refunds and that was on 9/22. We are processing his refund later this month. "

    Mateo has a message for Englert : "You're an attorney. I went to you for help, and this is the thanks I get."

    If you are not happy with your attorney, you can report him or her to the Florida Bar and file a complaint with the attorney consumer assistance program. For more on that program, click here.

  • 12/08/2016 11:13 AM

    Woman shot in front of daughter ID'd

    Officials on Thursday identified a woman who was shot in the head at an Orange County gas station as her child sat in the back seat of her car.

    The woman was identified by the Orange County Sheriff's Office as Kendra La Sheka Lewis, 27. Deputies said it appears that Lewis was an innocent bystander after someone opened fire in the area.

    Officials said Lewis was in critical condition after the shooting, which was reported at 1:30 p.m. Wednesday at the Citgo on Pine Hills Road.

    Deputies said the child was not hurt and is now with family.

    "As you can imagine (with) a young child, (she's ) not knowing exactly what happened, scared of hearing shots, not knowing exactly what's going on with the mother," Deputy Rose Silva said.

    "It sounded like six or seven shots, and it went, 'Pow, pow, pow, pow, pow,' and I said, 'Oh, my God,'" said Patricia McDuffie, who lives across the street from the gas station.

    McDuffie said she dropped to the ground when she heard the commotion.

    "I went out the front door and into the parking lot (and) my granddaughter called the police," McDuffie said. "Everybody was calling the police."

    The gas station is near Evans High School, and the shooting was reported around the time students were released from school.

    McDuffie said she saw the victim in a blue car with a shattered window. McDuffie wasn't aware that there was a young child in the back seat.

    "My son-in-law -- he went over there and tried to help the girl," McDuffie said.

    McDuffie said shootings have been happening more frequently in the area, and she doesn't feel safe walking to the store.

    "I pray to God they give Pine Hills some help because we really need it out here," McDuffie said. "Any time there's a shooting or trouble going on, I dial 911."

    Deputies interviewed witnesses and reviewed surveillance video, and said they are looking for at least one person and an SUV that was spotted leaving the scene.

    No other details are available.

  • 12/08/2016 10:19 AM

    Multi-vehicle crash slows traffic on I-4 in Seminole County

    A multi-vehicle crash in Seminole County was reported Thursday, officials said.

    The crash was reported at 9:01 a.m. on westbound I-4 at mile marker 99. The two right lanes are blocked.

    Multiple injuries have been reported.

    Stay with for more on this story.

  • 12/08/2016 09:51 AM

    3 arrested in Winter Park teen's beating death

    Three arrests have been made after an autopsy determined a teen found dead near Park Avenue died of blunt-force trauma, according to the Winter Park Police Department.

    Jesse Sutherland, 15, and Simeon Hall, 15, are charged with manslaughter. A 14-year-old boy is charged with tampering with a witness.

    Sutherland was arrested in Virginia and the other two teens were arrested in Orange County, police said.

    Roger Trindade was found unconscious on the night of Oct. 15 in the popular Winter Park shopping and dining area. He died after he was taken off life support.

    Almost two months after his death, Trindade's family and friends were calling for justice through silent protests in Winter Park.

    Police said they were waiting on autopsy results from the medical examiner before making any arrests.

    The teen's death has received widespread attention on social media and in his home country, Brazil.

    Wednesday night, from Brazil, Trindade's mother posted her account of what happened to her son on Facebook and tagged News 6.

    "Roger at 8:40 p.m. was happy to tell me that he would come back with his friends father. He said, 'I love you mother.' It was the last time I heard my son's voice," she wrote. "Today, I suffer with the pain that tears my chest. Everyday, I suffer from a lack of that boy that illuminated my life. My son was murdered by these boys. I'm going to pay a very high price every day of my life for not having my son with me. My penalty cannot be bigger than theirs."

    Students have gathered at the memorial tree in Winter Park since Trindade's death to leave notes, candles and flowers in his memory.

    Winter Park Mayor Steve Leary issued a statement late Wednesday, saying, "Hopefully the family and community can find solace in knowing that although the process seemed lengthy, it was necessary so as to provide the State Attorney's Office with sufficient information to proceed."

    All three teenagers are expected to appear before a judge at the Orange County Juvenile Justice Center Thursday afternoon.

  • 12/08/2016 08:31 AM

    Temps in the 40s right around the corner in Central Florida

    It will be a pleasant Thursday weather-wise in Central Florida, but a cooldown is right around the corner.

    WEATHER: Extended forecast | Radar | Warnings | Pinpoint Weather Zones]
    [DOWNLOAD: Pinpoint, Hurricane apps | SHARE: Weather pictures]

    "We will be pinpointing a front that will bring minimal rain, mainly around 8 o'clock Thursday," News 6 meteorologist Troy Bridges said. "This front will bring big changes with temperatures."

    Orlando will see a high of 74 degrees, which is the average high for this time of year.

    "Expect some patchy fog Thursday morning, as low-level moisture is still in place," Bridges said.

    The high Friday will be 62 degrees.

    "That means most of the day on Friday we will only be in the 50s," Bridges said.

    Lows early Saturday will be in the 40s.

    "Rain chances are out of the picture through the weekend, and we do gradually rebound," he said.

    Expect a high of 68 on Saturday and a high of 77 on Sunday.

    Sunrise Thursday is at 7:06 a.m. and sunset is at 5:29 p.m.

  • 12/08/2016 08:12 AM

    Students claim Avalon Middle School teacher requested nude photos

    An Avalon Middle School teacher has been accused of requesting nude photos of two female students through social media, according to an Orange County Sheriff's Office incident report.

    The teacher has not been arrested. An Orange County Public Schools spokeswoman said the teacher has been placed on relief of duty, but could not provide any other details.

    One of the two girls involved in the incident told deputies that the male teacher requested that she and a friend send nude pictures through Snapchat and Instagram in October, according to the incident report.

    She said the girls then decided to "blackmail" the teacher, telling him that if he didn't pay them $2,000, they would show police his messages, the incident report said.

    The girl claims that the teacher met her at a Family Dollar in Bithlo and gave her $2,000, deputies said.

    The school's principal told deputies that the teacher claimed his Instagram was hacked and asked advice on what to do, the incident report said. The principal told the teacher he should report the hacking to authorities.

    The incident report has been forwarded to the department's sex crime unit, deputies said.

  • 12/08/2016 06:38 AM

    Deltona 1-year-old hospitalized with burns, deputies say

    A 1-year-old was flown Wednesday night to Arnold Palmer Children's Hospital after being burned, according to Volusia County dispatch.

    Volusia County Sheriff's deputies are investigating the incident on Crimson Lane in Deltona.

    The 911 call came in at 5:25 p.m., according to dispatch.

    No information was available on how the child was burned.

    This is a breaking news story. Check back for updates.

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Recently a car was stolen from the driveway of a homeowner during the night. Always make sure your car doors are locked when your car is parked and that you have removed valuables. You should use a car alarm. You may also consider having an ignition kill switch installed that only you will know where it is located. This will hopefully cause enough of a burden to the thief to stop your car from being stolen.

A homeowners has reported that in the early morning hours someone was knocking on a door yelling “I'm hurt let me in”. When the homeowner stated that they were calling the police, the person ran off. This was an attempt to gain entry to the home and the owner would have been in grave danger if they had opened the door. You should never open your door to someone that you don't know and always keep all of your doors and windows locked and secured.

Home bulgaries have also been reported. You should consider installing motion activated lights on the exterior of your home. Lights are the best deterrent to crime.

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