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  • 05/22/2017 03:04 PM

    Showers pop up across Central Florida

    Spotty showers are popping up across Central Florida.

    "Moisture is increasing with a south wind across Central Florida," News 6 meteorologist Troy Bridges said. "That moisture with the south wind is working with an area of low pressure developing in the Gulf of Mexico and in the southeastern U.S."

    Rain chances stand at 60 percent during the day and 40 percent Monday evening.

    "It will not rain all day all the time, but we will see off-and-on rain that will help with the rain deficit," he said. "We are currently 9.67 inches below in the rain gauge since January 1."

    Rain will off and on for the next few days!

    -- Troy Bridges (@TroyNews6) May 22, 2017

    The high is forecast to hit 90 in Orlando on Monday. The average high on this date is 89. The record high is 97, set in 1962.

    "Expect rain chances the rest of the week," Bridges said. "There's a 30 percent chance of rain on Tuesday, 60 percent on Wednesday and 40 percent on Thursday."

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  • 05/22/2017 02:54 PM

    Florida woman earns world record for flamingo collection

    A Central Florida business woman is tickled pink over her new title.

    The Guinness World Records just honored the custom frame shop owner for having the world's largest flamingo collection.

    "I get flamingos every day because my customers find them and think of me," Cindy Dunlow said.

    Dunlow told News 6 that she runs her custom frame shop in Ocala to pay the bills, but her real passion is collecting all things flamingo.

    "If I let it, the collection would take over the whole shop," Dunlow told News 6. "So, I have to keep it contained to the front-quarter section."

    According to the official count for the Guinness Book of World Records, Dunlow collected a staggering 793 flamingo-related items to earn her official certificate, which she recently received in the mail.

    Her collection includes two flamingo quilts and a 5-foot stuffed animal flamingo, but she told News 6 that her favorite item is a flamingo with a coconut head body.

    "I also have a love for coconut heads," Dunlow said.

    Dunlow said her calling to collect flamingos started while vacationing in South Florida in the 1960s. She explained to News 6 that flamingos reminded her of Florida.

    About six years ago, Dunlow told News 6 that a customer shared a news article about the current record holder.

    "It never occurred to me to go that route," Dunlow said.

    At the time, Dunlow said the record holder had 619 flamingos.

    "I'll let the person hold their reign for a couple years," she said.

    She patiently waited and kept collecting until recently, when she swooped in and applied for the top title.

    Of course, she framed it.

    Dunlow said she is planning an open house to celebrate on July 13.

    Find out more information about her flamingo collection.

  • 05/22/2017 02:37 PM

    Women charged with three counts of child neglect, with more charges possibly on route

    Lucie Justice, 49, was arrested Friday morning at her home in Daytona Beach by the Daytona Beach Police Department for three charges of child neglect, with more charges possibly on the way.

    In addition to not supplying her three children with proper food, nutrition or shelter, Justice also may be charged with animal neglect for her two dogs and cat, depending on the authorities' investigation.

    Officers arriving on the scene said there was an apparent smell of mold in the residence, and upon further investigation, authorities say black mold was found, along with a broken pipe and standing water.

    Authorities also say there has been no electricity or air conditioning since October. After examining the rest of the house and finding no food in the refrigerator, authorities talked to Justice's neighbors. Karen Hussey told authorities that she has seen men come and go from the house during all hours of the day, suspecting Justice of prostitution.

    According to authorities, Justice also had several open sores on both her arms, indicating possible drug use.

    Animal control arrived on scene to take custody of the pets, and authorities dropped off the three children at their schools.

  • 05/22/2017 02:25 PM

    Again? Woman gets locked in Titusville CVS

    A quick pit-stop at a Titusville CVS turned into panic for a woman who found herself locked inside.

    Lillian Rimmel, an Orlando resident in town to visit a friend, said she stopped by the CVS store located on Garden Street to pick up a birthday card Friday night. She walked in the store around 9:50 p.m., not knowing the store closed at 10 p.m., she said. But as she walked toward the front of the store to check out, just minutes after the 10 p.m. closing, she triggered a motion sensor alarm and found herself barricaded inside. A metal security gate blocked the front entrance as sirens began blaring.

    "I started screaming, "Is anyone here? Can anyone help me?" said Rimmel, assuming employees would be counting a register or cleaning.

    She panicked, she said, dropped the card on the floor and dialed a friend who advised her to call 911.

    "All I could hear were alarms," said Jacqueline Burt, Rimmel's friend. "I told her to call 911 because I didn't want them to go in there with guns."

    Rimmel told Florida Today that she was paranoid someone might think she was a burglar, so she stood in front of a security camera and dialed police.

    "I was shaking. I was scared, but I wasn't scared for my life. I was just so nervous that I did something wrong," she said. "I didn't know how this could happen. I was dumbfounded."

    She sat down facing the front door and waited for police.

    "They told me to stay where I was and they would call me back when they found someone to let me out," said Rimmel, who said police needed to find someone with keys to free her from the store.

    Burt called another CVS store in Titusville, whose employees were able to reach the manager of the Garden Street location.

    Amy Matthews, a public information officer for the Titusville Police Department, said officers responded to the 911 call, which came in at 10:09 p.m. When police got there, they waited for a key holder to arrive and never entered the premises. There was no wrongdoing from either party, she said, but officers did help calm down Rimmel, who was shaken up.

    When the CVS manager arrived, she opened up the store and then asked Rimmel if she would still like to purchase the card -- which she did.

    Rimmel said there was no announcement warning of the store closure and there were other customers in the store when she arrived. She said was unsure how employees didn't know she was still in the store, and was surprised by how quickly the store was emptied after the closing.

    "I'm 6 feet tall. I can overlook all the partitions, I can look over every one of the aisles, so I don't know how they didn't see me. No one said anything to me. No one did nothing," she said. "There was no indication it was closing at all. The music was still on and so were the lights."

    A nearly identical situation was reported in February at a St. Cloud CVS.

    A CVS spokesperson said Monday that corrective action has been taken at both locations.

    "We sincerely apologize for the incident at our Titusville store," a CVS spokesperson said in an email to News 6. "We are reinforcing the correct store closing procedures with all of our stores to prevent this from occurring again."

  • 05/22/2017 02:23 PM

    2 killed in suspected DUI crash in Orange County

    A suspected drunken driver rear-ended a car early Thursday in Orange County, killing two people, the Florida Highway Patrol said.

    The crash was reported around 2:25 a.m. at Buck and Dean roads near State Road 417 and University Boulevard.

    Ellen Cleven heard the commotion from inside her house.

    "I was in my bedroom. I heard two crashes," Cleven said. "I grabbed my cellphone and I was out through the garage in about a minutes or less."

    In Cleven's front yard and wrapped around her tree was a 2013 Hyundai Sonata. The man behind the wheel was 21-year-old Kevin Hart.

    Troopers said Hart was driving the car west on Buck Road when he rear-ended a 2002 Mitsubishi Mirage, which was stopped in a turn lane. Both cars traveled through the intersection from the impact of the wreck, troopers said.

    The FHP said Hart, of Merritt Island, was arrested on two counts of vehicular homicide. More charges related to driving under the influence could be filed after the results of Hart's blood-alcohol test are completed.

    "The right front passenger who was walking wounded, stated that they left the Library club somewhere on the east side of town and they had been drinking at the club," said Sgt. Lochelle Ogburn, with the FHP.

    News 6 talked with the general manager of Knight's Library, Hayley Johnson. She said extra security is added on Wednesdays because of the uptick in business.

    Signs for taxis and rides home are also in the bar as a suggestion for someone who has had too much to drink.

    "It's an unfortunate risk in this business and it's a burden that we bare," Johnson said. "You know, we provide alcohol to patrons and they have to make the responsible choices. Like I said, we can only do so much inside the bar -- try to responsibly serve. All of our bartenders are certified. They kind of know the cut-off points and what to look for as far as points not to serve anymore, but once the kids leave these doors, it's kind of on them."

    Ogburn said speed and alcohol were factors in the crash.

    "He [a passenger] stated he was going at least 50 miles per hour," Ogburn said. "The speed limit is 40. But based on my training and experience, the vehicle was going at least 60-70 miles an hour -- very fast."

    Jeffrey Ali, 55, and Jody Powell, 43, both of Orlando, died in the crash, the FHP said.

    Hart and one of his three passengers suffered serious injuries and were taken to Orlando Regional Medical Center, troopers said. A female passenger is in serious but stable condition.

    "The girl was pinned in behind the seats," Cleven said.

    Another passenger suffered minor injuries, and the other ran from the scene, the FHP said.

    According to the FHP, one of the passengers told Hart that he should not be driving because they were drinking earlier in the night.

    A male passenger in the vehicle told troopers that he begged Hart for the keys and asked him not to drive.

  • 05/22/2017 02:05 PM

    Police: Man kills neo-Nazi roommates over Islam disrespect

    A man arrested after leading police to the bodies of his two roommates told officers that he killed them because they were neo-Nazis who disrespected his recent conversion to Islam.

    The Tampa Police Department says 18-year-old Devon Arthurs told police that he had until recently shared his roommates' neo-Nazi beliefs, but that he converted to Islam.

    Arthurs told police he was angry about anti-Muslim sentiment and wanted to bring attention to the issue.

    Arthurs was arrested Friday after police say he held two customers and an employee hostage at a Tampa smoke shop. Police talked Arthurs into letting the hostages go, and took him into custody.

    Arthurs then led police to his roommates' bodies.

    Police found 22-year-old Jeremy Himmelman and 18-year-old Andrew Oneschuk dead with gunshot wounds in their apartment.

    Arthurs third roommate, Brandon Russell was arrested Sunday in Key Largo during a traffic stop, reported the Miami Herald.

    Russell, who had returned from U.S. Army Guard duty on May 19, is accused of making explosives.

    Police said they found bomb detection devices in Russell's room and radiation materials.

  • 05/22/2017 01:50 PM

    NASA astronauts to conduct emergency spacewalk

    NASA has ordered up urgent spacewalking repairs at the International Space Station.

    On Tuesday, two astronauts will venture out to replace a data relay box that broke over the weekend. The job falls to the two Americans on board: commander Peggy Whitson and Jack Fischer.

    The failed unit was installed not quite two months ago. It is one of two that control the station's radiators and solar panels, among other critical systems. NASA said everything is still safe in orbit because one relay box is still working, and no operations have been affected. But officials want the bad one quickly replaced, in case the good one also goes down.

    Astronauts performed a similar spacewalk in 2014.

    This so-called multiplexer-demultiplexer unit, or MDM, failed Saturday for unknown reasons. It was a refurbished device -- containing upgraded software -- and was installed at the end of March by Whitson and another astronaut. Station managers decided Sunday to do a spacewalk Tuesday morning to replace it with an on-board spare. The spacewalk should last just two hours.

    Whitson and Fischer went spacewalking 1½ weeks ago. That excursion was cut short because of a leaky umbilical hose inside the space station. If Tuesday's replacement work goes well, Fischer also will hook up wireless communications antennas outside the orbiting lab, a job left undone during the May 12 spacewalk.

    Six months into a 9 1/2-month mission, Whitson already holds multiple space records, including most accumulated time in space by an American and most spacewalks by a woman. This will be her 10th spacewalk and tie the record for most spacewalks by a U.S. astronaut.

    Fischer arrived at the space station last month. Also on board are two men from Russia and one from France.

  • 05/22/2017 01:46 PM

    Commerson's dolphin calf dies at Aquatica

    A Commerson's dolphin calf died Sunday night a few minutes after being born at SeaWorld's water park, Aquatica.

    The calf's mother, Ringer, a 16-year-old Commerson's dolphin, was on birth control before she became pregnant.

    Before giving birth, Ringer had been under 24 hour observation by her caretakers, according to SeaWorld.

    The dolphin gave birth after 8 p.m. Sunday.

    "We were all hoping for the best outcome for her and her calf, and had all the support we could provide in place," a statement from SeaWorld read. "The team responded immediately when the calf began to show signs of distress, a few minutes after birth, but unfortunately were unable to resuscitate the calf."

    Ringer had four previous unsuccessful pregnancies before she came to the Florida park. She was born at SeaWorld San Diego and was moved to Orlando in January 2016.

    "Given her age and the previous unsuccessful pregnancies, Ringer had been on contraceptives for several years," Park officials said. "This pregnancy was unexpected and our SeaWorld animal care and veterinary teams monitored her health and well-being very closely throughout her entire pregnancy."

    A clear water slide at SeaWorld's Aquatica runs through the habitat that Ringer shares with the park's other dolphins. The breed is known for its black-and-white markings that mimic those of a killer whale.

    SeaWorld officials said Ringer is doing well despite the loss of her baby and is still under 24-hour observation. She is not on display at the park.

    PETA slammed SeaWorld earlier this month after news of the dolphin's pregnancy came out.

    The animal rights group Monday described the dolphin calf's death was not surprising because of Ringer's history of failed pregnancies. PETA also accused SeaWorld of inbreeding Commerson's dolphins.

    "Two of the three male Commerson's dolphins at this park are related to this calf's mother, yet SeaWorld allowed her to become pregnant again, despite her history of inbreeding and failed pregnancies," PETA Senior Vice President Lisa Lange said in an email.

    A necropsy, which is an animal autopsy, will be performed on the dolphin calf to determine the cause of death.

  • 05/22/2017 01:39 PM

    Woman accused of beating boyfriend, trying to cut off his testicles

    A fight over a man talking to another woman, ended with his girlfriend trying to cut off his testicles.

    According to an arrest affidavit, Sylvia Vasquez got into a fight Saturday with her boyfriend because he was talking to another woman.

    When the pair got home, Vasquez grabbed a rubber mallet and began beating her boyfriend, the document stated.

    Vasquez hit the victim so hard it knocked him out, police said. When the man woke up, he told police, he saw that there was "a cut on his scrotum with an unknown sharp weapon."

    The victim sought treatment at Methodist Specialty and Transplant Hospital, where police noticed bruises all over his body.

    Vasquez has been charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.

  • 05/22/2017 01:29 PM

    Toddler who nearly drowns makes recovery thanks to new medical technology

    A toddler who nearly drowned made a big recovery thanks to a machine that mimics the pump of the heart and lungs.

    In April, Jassaih Mercado was found floating facedown in a lake behind his Kissimmee home. His parents said the 22-month-old was taking a nap with his mom when he somehow found his way outside alone.
    "Just still unbelievable to me," said Devin Medina, Jassaih's father.

    Emergency crews rushed in and began CPR on the toddler as he was transported to Nemours Children's Hospital, struggling to stay alive. The Cardiac Critical Care team, led by Dr. Constantinos Chrysostomou, cared for Jassaih and told his parents his condition could improve with the help of the extracorporeal membrane oxygenation machine.

    "This child, this baby, he was the extreme. I think any other center would have not used the heart and lung machine because they would have said it's too extreme; it's already passed the critical point," said Chrysostomou.

    Doctors told Jassiah's family he had a 50 percent chance at survival.

    "There could be complications, it might not work, but when they did try, that machine started working miracles," said Raquel Medina, Jassaih's grandmother.

    Chrysostomou told WKMG the ECMO simulates the natural function of the heart while the patient's own heart and lungs can rest while being treated during an emergency. One of the most common complications is stroke.

    "During that period of time -- again, it's protecting the brain; that's the most important thing," said Chrysostomou.

    Jassiah stayed on the ECMO for four days and, during a crucial window, was taken off the machine. A month later he is walking talking, and his parents say he will soon be learning to swim.

    "It could take a snap, and that baby's in the pool or child's in the pool, but they know how to come out of it because they know how to swim," said Raquel Medina, Jassaih's grandmother.

    "We always ask a parent that: If your child fell in, would they know how to save themselves? If they can't answer that right away and say, 'Oh I know they could,' or they can, then they need these lessons," said Marlene Bloom, president of Baby Otter Andre Dawson Aquatic Center.

    For more information on drowning prevention and water safety programs, head to

Damage at School Bus Stops

The Board of Directors has been contacted regarding the damage caused by the parking of vehicles at the school bus drop off and pick up area.

Please be mindful of parking at the bus stop to not encroach on neighboring lawns near the roadway which causes damage to sprinkler systems as well as respecting the private property of our homeowners.

We would not want request the only option available to move the bus stop from the interior of the community to the front entrance on Route 46A which will pose a safety risk to the children.

Thank you for your cooperation respecting our neighbors property.

Child Car Seat Fittings and Education

Car Seat Fitting

The Lake Mary Police Department provides car seat fittings on the first Friday of the month from 9AM to 11AM an the Lake Mary Police Department. Please contact Officer Bianca Gillet at 407-585-1305 or if you have questions.

Child Restraint Seat Education Course

The education course on Child Restraint Seats is also offered on the first Friday of the month from 1PM to 3PM at the Lake Mary Police Department. These classes are by appointment only and you must receive a conformation call. Please contact Sgt. Tony Seda at 407-585-1316 to schedule an appointment.

The Lake Mary Police Department is located at 165 East Crystal Lake Avenue, Lake Mary, FL.


There are changes to Florida State Statues regarding Child Restraints. Learn about these changes at the education course.

316.613 Child restraint requirements.—

Community Crime Watch

There have been recent reports of crimes in our community. Homeowners should watch out for suspicious or unusual behavior and be vigilant in reporting any unusual activity to the police.

Recently a car was stolen from the driveway of a homeowner during the night. Always make sure your car doors are locked when your car is parked and that you have removed valuables. You should use a car alarm. You may also consider having an ignition kill switch installed that only you will know where it is located. This will hopefully cause enough of a burden to the thief to stop your car from being stolen.

A homeowners has reported that in the early morning hours someone was knocking on a door yelling “I'm hurt let me in”. When the homeowner stated that they were calling the police, the person ran off. This was an attempt to gain entry to the home and the owner would have been in grave danger if they had opened the door. You should never open your door to someone that you don't know and always keep all of your doors and windows locked and secured.

Home bulgaries have also been reported. You should consider installing motion activated lights on the exterior of your home. Lights are the best deterrent to crime.

More information and tips can be found at:

Central Florida Crime Prevention Association

National Crime Prevention Council

Crime Prevention Tips

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Welcome to our Website for Hills of Lake Mary HOA.

The purpose of this site is to let visitors know who we are and to be an informative resource for both our neighborhood and our local community and provide the homeowners of our community with easy access to our association. The Board of Directors welcomes you and invites you to make comments or suggestions that will help us serve you better.

The Association is managed by a volunteer Board of Directors. The Association Board of Directors meets the first Wednesday of every month at the Lake Mary Events Center on Country Club Road.

The Mission of the HOA is dedicated to preserving and enhansing the quality of life in our neighborhood through outstanding leadership, services, and stewardship of our resources.

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Keep Our Community Clean

Help us keep our community clean. Clean up after your pets by "Scooping Your Poop". When people don't clean up after their pets, it's unhealthy and inconsiderate.

Put out your trash/recycling no earlier than 5:00 PM the night before the pickup. Trash and Recycling pickup is Thursday, Yard Waste pickup is Friday. Please remove your containers from the curbside promptly after pickup.

Board Meeting

The next Board Meeting Will be held on Wednesday May 3 2017 at 6:30 the Lake Mary Community Building, 140 East Wilbur Avenue (cross street Country Club Road), Lake Mary.

Farmer's Market

At the Farmer's Market you Can Purchase Fresh Produce, large and small, Plants, Pasta, Spices, Assorted Nuts,Juice Plus, Handmade Jewlery, Crafts, Nature’s Select Pet Food, and More!
Held every Saturday from 9:00 AM – 1:30 PM at Central Park (Lake Mary City Hall) Corner of Lake Mary Blvd. & 4th Street

Wine and Food

WineART Wednesday and Food Truck Crave will be held at Lake Mary Central Park adjacent to City Hall on the first Wednesday of each month from 5PM to 9PM. Take a stroll through the sidewalks and the new beer & wine garden lined with displays from local artists. Enjoy a glass of wine and good food while listening to live music.